Exterior photo of Stellar Services
Stellar Services, LLC is a full service provider of Inmate Banking Software, Commissary Services, Pod Kiosks, CIDNET Voice-Data (Phones) & CIDNET video visitation and email.

Stellar Services, LLC is not your typical inmate commissary and communications company. We’re all about service. Each of our customers receives the kind of service that is the cornerstone of the American business philosophy.

Stellar Services, LLC started in February 2001, and has achieved remarkable success, growing to be one of the largest commissary and communication companies in the area. Integrity, honesty and commitment are held to the highest standard, creating a mix of successful ingredients for our customers.

The team at Stellar Services, LLC will tailor our services to meet the specific needs and objectives of each customer.

Our Mission

“We Support You!

We Value inmates, staff, family and community.

We Care!”

Creating solutions through experience, collaboration, and innovation.

Stellar Services: leading with integrity, hospitality and Midwest family traditions.