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For Commissary

JailATM is a service provided to friends and family of inmates. It is a fast and convenient way to send money and purchase commissary for inmates. When sending money, funds are made available to the inmates immediately after the credit card is processed. Funds can be deposited by way of the internet or through a lobby ATM machine. A deposit can be made using a Mastercard or VISA credit card or bank debit card.

One stop shopping for friends and family

  • Commissary Deposit
  • Pay A Bond via Web
  • Inmate Secure Messaging
  • Video Visitation
  • Gift Pack Purchasing
  • Web Commissary Ordering

For Communications

CIDNET maintains strong relationships through electronic text and picture messaging. Affordable communication is a must for maintaining a community. By accessing the CIDNET portal you can send mail or cue your inmate for a video or voice call.
If you have a CIDNET account, follow the button below to connect with an inmate via web portal.

If you don’t have a CIDNET account and you would like to put money in for communications services, follow the instructions in the brochure below.

Jail phone with CIDNET logo on it