Our customizable solutions will make inmate money management, communications with friends and family, and caring for basic needs simple. When you choose to work with Stellar Services, you are guaranteed an easy start with our products in implementation, training and 24/7 on-going support. We look forward to working with you!

Officer at command center of jail

With Stellar Services You Receive the Best in Implementation, Training and Support

Stellar Services, LLC provides in-person or virtual training during installation and throughout your contract for your staff at no cost to you. You will also find visual and text instructions within our software

Our availability is 24/7, 365 days a year. When you inquire through our customer support channels, we take a multi level approach to assure your questions are answered.

Our Stellar Customer Service Process:
  • Call our general customer service number: 866-320-4200
  • If the issue is unsolved, you will be forwarded to Ed Bierer or our Application Specialist on call.
  • If it is an issue with the program, it will be forwarded to the programmers for resolution.

All equipment that Stellar Services provides is 100% guaranteed against defects or problems during your contracted time.

Commissary & Banking Services

We streamline your commissary services by not only providing commissary but also all necessary accounting software and equipment.

Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush, paste Morning Refresh Stellar Services Commissary Pack
Stellar Star Pack Program

Our packs include items of necessity for inmates: hygiene, writing and snack packs and are customizable for your needs. 

Learn more about our software and equipment.

Communication Services

CIDNET creates an ecosystem of integrated applications to manage inmate communication. Any correctional facility —big or small —can be accommodated by our CIDNET products. Learn more about our CIDNET services below.

Telephone in jail


Voice is CIDNET’s new feature-rich inmate phone system. It provides easy agency access and the ability to record all calls. Contacts pay a simple nationwide rate for Data.

CIDNET Video Visitation

CIDNET Video is easy. Friends and family schedule the video sessions and approved contacts can use any modern browser to visit, including smartphones and tablets.

Optional CIDNET Services

  • CIDNET MAIL – messaging for inmates and contacts
  • CIDNET LAW LIBRARY – Access to your law library, digital books
  • CIDNET MARKET – integrate with your facility’s commissary provider
  • CIDNET CONTENT – Inmates can view mandatory information
  • CIDNET BROADCAST – Signage for Facilities, web-based