What is CIDNET?

CIDNET creates an ecosystem of integrated applications to manage inmate communication. Any correctional facility —big or small —can be
accommodated by CIDNET. Video visitation, digital inmate mail,electronic forms/commissary orders, digital media and signage TVs are all accessible from
a single interface, the CIDNET Smart Jail Ecosystem.

  • Work in CIDNET from anywhere, anytime, on any computer.
  • Take as much control as you want.
  • Control who inmates communicate with.
  • Save time and money by going digital.
  • Keep your data safe with rock-solid security.
  • Make a difference in your community.
Jail phone with CIDNET logo on it
Tools for Your Community

While inmates are incarcerated, there is still a community waiting for their return. CIDNET Video lets parents see their kids and talk to them as if they were at home. CIDNET Mail maintains strong relationships through electronic text and picture messaging. Affordable communication is a must for maintaining a community.

Tools to Run Your Jail

Approve forms and commissary orders in seconds. Monitor and download inmate mail and video sessions in real time. Generate paper reports for any and all documentation requests. Streamline staff communications to get more done in less time. This is the way the modern jail was meant to operate.

Tools for the Correctional Officer

Hierarchal user permissions, real-time notifications, investigative features— these are the bones of a Smart Jail Ecosystem. Every inmate action, staff activity, and meaningful byte of data should be documented by your software and subject to oversight. With CIDNET, there are no blind spots.

CIDNET Administrative Features

• User-Friendly, Web-BasedSoftware
• One Integrated System,Every App
• Easy Auditing with Activity Log

• High-Definition Video
• Uncompressed HD Audio
• Real-Time Data Retrieval

• Works on any Modern Browser
• Every App is Always Accessible
• All Data is Stored Encrypted


The Future of Inmate Phones

Voice is CIDNET’s new feature-rich inmate phone system. The system is web-based, providing agency personnel with access through their web browsers.

All calls made through the system can be monitored or recorded, depending on who is speaking. Call data is securely stored at 3 redundant information centers across the US.

Gone are the days of confusing, muddled user interfaces with millions of buttons. CIDNET Voice keeps your interface simple and easy-to-learn. With Voice, you can give your staff complete control of all telecommunications taking place inside your facility. With follow configurations and notifications, staff can get emails whenever illicit inmate activity is detected.

What most jails and prisons don’t realize is that their constituents are being taken advantage of by predatory inmate phone practices, including:

• Per-call fees
• First-minute calling rates
• Location-based calling rates
• Expensive “premium” call types
CIDNET Voice doesn’t have predatory pricing. Contacts pay a simple,
nationwide rate for Data, then the system subtracts Data in accordance with
the bandwidth they use to communicate.


Let Video Transform Your Visitation Process

CIDNET Video is easy. Friends and family schedule the video sessions, and staff never have to transport inmates to the visitation rooms. Every video session is recorded and stored in our cloud-based system, so investigations can take place from anywhere, on any device. Approved contacts can use any modern browser to visit, including smartphones and tablets. Most importantly, the software is easy for facility staff to use.

Using the detention-grade touchscreen devices mounted to the walls in their housing areas, inmates can participate in video sessions with approved contacts. These contacts then log in to the public portal to schedule when and how long they’d like to visit for. This schedule is subject to the rules and regulations of the facility, meaninga contact can’t schedule a visit on Saturday if your facility bans Saturday visitations. Stellar Services’ trusted installation team will work with your facility to configure CIDNET so its options match your policies. These configuration options can be changed at any time, pending your request. Encartele also actively releases updates and new features for the CIDNET platform, so you can count on having steady upgrades as time passes.

CIDNET Video makes video visitation easy for you, your staff, your inmates and their contacts.