Booking Money Manager

Our Booking Money Manager is a safe and secure way for Correctional Officers in the booking area to deposit funds to an inmate’s account during the booking process.  When opening an account the Correctional Officer can select to input money into the Money Manager. When the bill and coin acceptors become active, money can be inserted into them.  If the inmate is coming from another facility with a check, then the Correctional Officer will select a deposit from a check and when finished with the deposit, the check can be inserted in a slot in the Money Manager.

This allows all funds in the booking area to be kept in one safe location.  Once again we manufacture this product and have used the best parts in the market.

The bill and coin acceptors are MEI brand, a well known American manufacturer and are all casino grade to make sure no counterfeit bills are accepted.

Stellar Services Money Manager Equipment

Debit Card Releases

Today’s correctional facilities demand quick and efficient solutions for inmate banking, including the distribution of inmate funds at release.  This service is free to the facility and removes the burden of writing checks at release.

There are many benefits to Debit Card Release:

  • Stop releasing Residents with sensitive information such as bank account and routing numbers found on your facility’s release checks
  • One click of the mouse and one swipe of the card and the inmate has his or her money
  • Funds transfer is automatic, no going to a separate website to issue a card
  • ZERO COST to the facility
  • No Minimum Load Amount
  • Inactivity Fees, not charged until card is first used up to 100 days.
  • Free retail usage as well as free cash back at point of sale
  • Minimum 24 hour window before weekly fee – gives an inmate opportunity to receive funds with no fee
  • Fully Integrated—No chance for keying errors when issuing cards
  • Banking grade security including private certificates
  • Disputes that arise (e.g., lost card, etc.) are between the issuing bank and the former inmate – not the Jail