Inmate Banking Software

Stellar Services, LLC is a full service provider of Inmate Banking Software and Commissary Services.

Our Inmate Banking Software is called Lockdown™ and we provide this software package to our customers at No Cost. This software package manages the inmates funds while they are incarcerated. Lockdown™ is designed to be a very intuitive and easy to use software system. It allows the facility to open and close accounts, bill the inmate, process commissary orders and cut checks from the inmate’s account. This software is custom written for this industry and was first introduced in 2004. This is the newest Inmate Banking Software package on the market today and since first introducing it, we have made hundreds of enhancements. Lockdown™ provides a fully GAAP compliant trust fund accounting system which integrates with all other components and services that we offer such as CIDNET.

Lockdown™ begins working from the time an inmate is booked to the time they are released.

Lockdown Inmate Baking Software Screenshot

We took the hassle out and put the easy in…

It is completely Windows based and has a Microsoft SQL backbone. We have the ability to load it on as many computers that the county facility will require. One checking account is standard with the facilities that we currently service. We do require you to open a new checking account for balancing purposes and we will also provide you with your first 500 checks at NO COST to you.

User access levels: The facility administrator can assign user access from the most basic view and print only up to their level, administrator. Each individual has his/her own login for security purposes and tracking..

You can export needed information through our robust reporting system, such as inmate, ledger accounts, sales reports and more.

All orders will be filled in clear plastic bags and then sealed with the pick ticket exposed for easy inmate identification with a 98.3% fill rate on a per order basis. Orders are delivered to your dock via common carrier or Stellar Services on delivery.

Our Lockdown™ software is comprehensive and easy to use by jail personnel. Not only is inmates’ information accessible from 1 screen, but in the event of a mistake, we have a one click fix button that can correct nearly any mistake made.