Giving Back To The Community

Stellar Services, LLC Supports R.E.A.C.H. A Child!
Stellar Services, LLC has partnered with the Reach a Child Organization to help support “Literacy Crime Prevention Program”. The program offers children’s books for your staff and officers to hand out to children that come to the facility to visit an incarcerated parent or family member. These books will be available for every child that comes in to visit, and each time that they visit their parent/ family member they are entitled to another children’s book. Recent statistics indicate that a child who comes from a family that has an incarcerated parent is six times more likely to end up being incarcerated as an adult when compared to other children of the same age! And roughly 60 percent of incarcerated adults read at a third grade education level or below. To learn more please visit:


Madison Area Rehabilitation Center, Inc. – Stoughton
Stellar Services, LLC and MARC of Stoughton have joined forces to help employ adults with developmental disabilities. MARC or Madison Area Rehabilitation Center of Stoughton uses this work force to assemble many of our indigent, snack and 10 pack products. We are also pleased to work with our local high school to employ students with disabilities to work in our Distribution Center.

We believe that our commitment to our community encourages an inclusive corporate culture, spurs competitive advantages for Stellar Services, LLC and promotes improved performance from our employees. We are proud to afford inclusion for people with developmental disabilities in the Stoughton community.