“Right from the start, Stellar Services impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to Inmate Commissary and by partnering with Stellar Services, we have been able to obtain an inmate commissary system that not only reduced the amount of time an officer needed to devote to commissary, but greatly improved the overall inmate satisfaction of the products. The employees of Stellar Services are always very willing and able to assist us in whatever we need. The Lockdown Resident Banking System is fantastic and provides an excellent way to track inmate money with detailed reports. Thanks Stellar Services for providing an excellent service to the Corrections Industry.”
Grundy County Jail, IL


“STELLAR says it all! From the ease of the software to the variety of products offered! Barron County Jail signed on with Stellar Services to provide the inmate commissary services in March of 2004. The staff at Stellar Services is always pleasant and easy to work with. Customer service is outstanding – no matter what your issue, they always have time to help. The variety of products offered receive no complaints. Stellar Services software, provided at no cost, has worked very well for tracking inmate funds. We also use the software in the Sheriff Department’s administration for collection and tracking of other funds received to include process service fees, towing fees, report fees, etc. No issues with the annual audit since we started with Stellar Services! We keep the auditors informed and involved. The Barron County Sheriff’s Department would recommend Stellar Services without any reservations. They will definitely meet and exceed your expectations.”
Susan S. and Penny P.
Barron County, WI


“We initially looked at Stellar Services because of the ‘one click fix’ feature of their software, however what led us to switch was much more than that. The selection, pricing and solutions they brought to the table with hardware and software (which is written for correction officers not CPA’s) was the icing on the cake. Finally, while I had my doubts, Ed and his staff pulled off one of the most successful transitions I have ever experienced in my corrections career. The decision to switch to Stellar Services has proven to be a wise one for our facility.”
Jail Administrator
Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office, MI


“Stellar Services is a customer service and customer focused organization. When we told them we needed an interface to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s TRIP program to automate the transfer tax intercept records within 45 days of going live on their inmate banking and commissary software, they did not hesitate to develop the interface, and it was completed within the timeline we requested at no charge to us. When we asked them to consider developing a payment plan module to assist in our collection efforts, Stellar Services brought a team of their developers and programmers in to listen to our ideas. We cannot wait to see what they come up with. If you want a software package that meets your needs for inmate banking and commissary and a company that will invest in research and development to keep up with the changing needs of their customers and EXCELLENT customer service, you won’t be disappointed with Stellar Services.”
Office Manager, Karen M.
Portage County Sheriff’s Office, WI


“Stellar Services has been wonderful to work with. We signed on with them in 2007 and have not regretted it once. Their software is so easy to learn and when there is a problem, which is not very often, they are available to either walk you through it remotely or come to the facility and get it fixed. We are very satisfied with their service and all of the employees at Stellar are friendly and so helpful.”
Corrections Administrator, De Anna L.
Green Lake County Correctional Facility, WI


“The Stellar Commissary services are by far the best when it comes to product quality and customer service. Their customers are not treated as an account number, but are treated as individual customers. Stellar Services works with their customers to develop a commissary program that meets the needs of the customer and not the needs of Stellar Services. The people working for Stellar Services are friendly, professional and always there to help. The Inmate Banking Services are an outstanding asset to any customer. It is a very user friendly system that anyone can learn to operate in a very short amount of time and has cut down on work hours the Deputies spent entering commissary information, giving them more time to perform other duties in the jail. Individuals coming in to put money on an inmate’s account are no longer inconvenienced by having to wait for Deputies to come out and take money in for an inmate and writing out receipts. Those individuals can put funds onto an inmate’s account by using the Stellar Kiosk which provides step by step instructions and takes only a few short minutes.”
Commander, Sabrina J.
Kendall County, IL


“Out of all our jail partners or vendors, Stellar Services is probably the easiest and most receptive to work with. The Inmate Banking Program has streamlined our workload, and effectively manages our accounting. Commissary Services are all ordered by the inmates phoning their orders in from the jail phones, which keeps it “hands off” for the staff. The services are very staff friendly, and they love the convenience. Their programs work and have never experienced any downtime.”
Administrator – Capt Terry N.
Burnett County Jail, WI


“I have been the Jail Administrator for two years now and Stellar Services is great. The program is very user friendly and if I have any questions or problems I just call them and they are there to help. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable of the system. The orders arrive quickly and I have no worries of getting orders that are incorrect. I would recommend Stellar to any jail facility, regardless of their size.”
Jail Administrator, Chad H.
Tama County Jail, IA